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Celebrating more than 20 YEARS since the establishment of Agape last 1995, hear out what our founders have to say as they share their journey of changing lives and giving children their best chances of a brighter future.

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The Agape Child

Learn more about what Agape aims for and about what makes our Philosophy stand out that culminates to the 5 Pillars of Character and makes up an Agape Child.

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Principles of Teaching & Learning

AGAPE’s five principles of teaching and learning, together with our distinctive five core values, are woven into our everyday practices in the centre. It acts as a guide and bearing for our team of …

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Infant Care Programme

Our infant and toddler programme builds around the three trans-disciplinary themes. Through various hands-on discovery and exploratory activities, the children learn more about…

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Fees & Services

In partnership with POP ( Partner Operator ), we offer affordable child care costs such as the following fees…

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Hear what our parents have to say about us! Witness and watch what they have to reveal about how Agape has given their…

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Enrichment Programmes

Uniquely designed by our very own team of speech and drama specialists, the Chinese Speech & Drama programme…

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We value your chid’s health as much as we want them to grow to become strong and healthy individuals who can achieve their… 

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