Jasmine Chua, Principal – Agape Little Uni. Pte Ltd

Ms Jasmine began her early childhood career in 2005 and graduated as a scholar with a Diploma in Early Childhood & Leadership. She subsequently took on her degree with the esteemed educational institute, Wheelock College, and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood & Leadership in 2010.

Being very passionate and an advocate for best and current practices, Ms Jasmine constantly strives to improve the quality of early childhood education both locally and globally. She plays an active role to bring in new initiatives into education and has been a key player in significant innovation, research, outreach, as well as intervention projects with various ministries and community partners over the years.

In 2015, she led her team in achieving the SPARK award for progress in teaching and learning, a recognition signifying a quality programme, learning environment and an institute which has successfully supported the holistic development of a child and the professional growth of the supporting faculty.

This falls in line with her personal pedagogy as Ms Jasmine is a firm practitioner of inquiry, as well as one whom constantly works to provide learning opportunities for not only the students, but the members in her team, in order to encourage constant growth and improvement.

She is confident that the preschool would thrive under her leadership which highly values a collaborative spirit with all stakeholders, excellent practices as well as a quality environment set to mould a resilient and cosmopolitan child of tomorrow.

Awards & Achievements

1. SPARK Accreditation Award

Agape Little Uni. @ One North Progress In Teaching & Learning

2. Clinical Research

Collaboration with A*Star On Healthy & Wellness For Children In SE Asia

3. President’s Star Challenge 2015

Start Small Dream Big Project On Community Kindness

4. MT Symposium 2015

An Inquiry Journey: Learning Through Play

5. HPB Eye Care Competition 2014

Advocacy & Fight Against Myopia Through Music Composition

6. Tetra Pak Recycling Competition 2014

Awarded Top 8 Submission For Best Creation

7. ECDA Innovation Grant Award 2013

Healthy You, Healthy Me Project – Innovation on bringing child initiated ideas to life.

8. Health Promotion Board Cherish Junior Award

I Care, I Cherish Project – Spearheading a healthy eating and lifestyle campaign.

9. Action Research

Unconventional Teaching Strategies To Facilitate Learning Of Spelling For Young Children.

10. NTUC First Campus, Read-To-Reach Programme

Planning and creating Cycle 1 of reading programme. Training & evaluating teachers and the programme.

11. Independent Educational Programme (IEP)

Applying Strategies To Help Teachers Cope With A Child With Hyperactivity Disorder In Mainstream Setting To Minimize Teachers’ Stress.

12. NTUC Scholarship in Diploma of Early Childhood Education.

Community Projects

1.    Beach Clean Up Act 2015 – Pasir Ris Park

Headed project in collaboration with the NEA to carry out a beach clean-up session with staff and families.

2.    Donation Drive 2015 – Wan Qing Lodge Elderly Care

Headed donation drive with the team and families from agape Little Uni. @ One North to collect and donate items of need to the elder care centre.

3.    Charity Bazaar 2014 – Singapore Children’s Cancer Foundation

Headed fund raising with the team from agape Little Uni. @ CCK789 to create a bazaar to raise money for the SCCF.

4.    Christmas Charity 2013 – Singapore Children’s Cancer Foundation

Headed fund raising with the team from agape Little Uni. @ One North to create a bazaar to raise money for the SCCF.

5.    Christmas Charity 2012 – Straits Times Pocket Money Fund

Headed fund raising event planned with the entire cohort of 2012 from ALU One North, for the less fortunate in Singapore.

6.    Earth Ranger Charity Bazaar – Mercy Relief & WWF

Headed child initiated fund raising event planned with Nursery 2 children in the LSH Kent Vale, for the flood victims in Thailand.

7.    Wheelock Service Day – Live The Love @ Rainbow Centre

Part of the team to create and deliver developmentally appropriate activities for the children of Rainbow Centre to participate in.