Welcome to Agape@JW! Our center offers full-day childcare services for children between 18 months to 6 years old. We received ECDA’s Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework (SPARKS) recognition in 2012 and were recertified in 2015. We are also a Partner Operator (POP) with Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). This has made our fees more affordable to be able to reach out to more families with our quality programme.

AGAPE aims to Build Firm Foundations in the hearts and minds of everyone who joins our family including the enthusiastic children, caring, supportive parents and dedicated professionals. We work towards a common goal to equip and prepare everyone for success towards the 21st century.

To prepare our children and ourselves for the future, we build firmly and consistently in 3 key areas.

  1. Effective partnership with parents and communities
  2. Engaging curriculum that inspires and nurtures inquisitive minds
  3. Environment that is designed by professional staff to build a holistic child

Effective partnership with parents

Parents are a child’s first teacher. Children of families who are regularly involved in class activities excel and grow into socially responsible citizen. Creating an environment that promotes strong parent partnership is our first aim. Partnerships build trust between the centre and the families. Regular events are planned to bring families together for positive interaction that supports learning. Families partner us in the development of the child by being involved in the centre’s learning journeys, celebrations and events, working with projects and tasks with their children in our curriculum topics through our learning task cards and take home kits, learning from educational talks and workshops conducted termly and by participating as a facilitator in selected class activities.

Engaging curriculum that inspires and nurtures inquisitive minds

Our curriculum inspires children to ask questions and wonder. Topics in our curriculum engage the children in experiments and researches that will lead them to find answers to who they are, how the world works around them, how they can organize themselves to live harmoniously with all whom they share this planet with and how they can express themselves to live graciously and grow into a responsible citizen. We use hands on activities, technology and the community as the resources for teaching and learning. Children are active learners in our curriculum and teachers are the facilitators. Children are given opportunities to be engaged in activities that involves interaction with teachers and peers, environment, and materials. The learning journey becomes exciting and intriguing for them as they engage in learning journeys that takes them from learning beyond the classroom.

Our Community Partners

Health Promotion Board

National Library Board

National Environment Agency

Singapore Kindness Movement

Pioneer Primary School

Urban Redevelopment Authority

Community Projects

2014 – TOUCH Community Services: I CAN BE A STAR!


2015 – Children Cancer Foundation: Charity Project HOPE


Learning Projects


Welfare Organisation Partners

Childrens Cancer Foundation

Singapore Pocket Money Fund

With the support from you and the community partners, AGAPE strongly believes that we can Build Firm Foundations in every child who joins us in our preschool journey.