Children as Active and Engaged Learners

Children are given opportunities to be engaged in activities that involves interaction with teachers and peers, environment, and materials. In Inquiry Based Learning, the children are encouraged to be active learners who are constantly thinking and asking questions to find out about who they are and how the world works.

Our children are involved in learning and are given a positive platform to discover about what they are interested in. The learning process thus becomes intriguing and pleasant for them.

Learning Beyond Classroom

Not only is learning within the school curriculum is beneficial for the children, learning beyond classroom helps provide children with good exposure and new experiences too.

We plan termly outings and workshops for the children to participate in. Children get to visit museums, natural environment, watch a play or musical, visit a primary school and visit places of interest in Singapore. Such outings cultivate a sense of appreciation for the arts and music, the culture and the environment in children, and reinforce their knowledge of concepts introduced in class.

Parents as Partners

Parents play an important role in the children’s lives. We believe that having a supporting and trusting partnership between the school and home is important in the learning and development of the children.

We started a Parent Support Group (PSG) in 2016 and are glad that we have started our first event planning together the same year. We encourage parents to join the PSG to be part of our planning committee and build closer relationship with the school.

Parents are also involved in the children’s learning by completing tasks/ projects related to the curriculum. The completed work is then returned to school and presented in the class for sharing with peers. Parents are also invited to join in for some class outings, centre celebrations and Agape centre-wide events.

We value the involvement of parents in the school’s activities and appreciate parents for their support and trust in the school.

K2 Class of 2014

K1B Class of 2014