Nursery 1 (2018)


3-hour  Nursery 1 (2018)

For kids born in 2015

2-hour  Playgroup (2018)

For kids at least 18 months old

  • Develop critical thinking skills through our inquiry-based learning Programme
  • Inculcates values through carefully chosen stories every term
  • Provides hands-on experiences through cookery and art and craft activities
  • Incorporates fun and meaningful numeracy activities using concrete materials
  • Instils language and literacy skills through our Letterland Phonics Programme
  • Develops a love for reading in young children through the Readers programme
  • Develops motor skills through the Motor Skills Activities Programme

Our inquiry-based curriculum:

Tuition Programme


Primary 1 to Primary 6 Students

We provide :

  • Homework and spelling supervision
  • Assessment and practice exam papers
  • Sending and fetching
  • Nutritious and balanced meals
  • Warm shower in private cubicles
  • Character development activities
  • Learning opportunities through multimedia
  • Brain teasers
  • Indoor and outdoor games
  • Field trips during school holiday
  • Educational holiday programmes
  • Opportunities to be involved in charity projects and community services



Kindergarten 2 to Primary 6

Agape Student Care Centre is offering English, Chinese and Mathematics Tuition/ Enrichment Programmes for Kindergarten 2 to Primary 6 students in our Student Care Centre.

  • Tuition programme is based on MOE syllabus
  • Conducted by tuition teachers with many years of past experience in teaching
  • Maximize your child’s potential and raise performance in academic subjects
  • Develop the joy of learning and be ready to face the challenges of the future
  • Affordable & reasonable fees                                                               Click here for more information :

Student Care Tuition: Click Here For More Information