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Mrs Kho, Principal, Agape Student Care Centre @ CCK

Mrs Kho graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Business Administration in 1990. She was in design business until she made the career switch to education in 2004.

She found her true calling in educating young children. She had been working in Agape student Care @ CCK since then, started as part time teacher, and then converted to full time teacher. She was then promoted through the ranks and finally became the Principal of the student care centre in 2016.

Her strength is in child development especially in the area of character building. Mrs Kho believes that first and foremost we need to provide a safe and caring environment for the students. Then we need to provide interesting and meaningful activities for their development. The key to achieve the above is good planning and to be meticulous and attentive to operation details.

After she took over the helm in Jan 2016, she vows to continue the excellent work of the centre that won the applause of the parents. She also values the contribution of the staff and she knows that only with their full-hearted support she can propel the performance of the centre to a greater height..

Our Staff



Bachelor degree in Business Administration  (NUS)

14 years of teaching experience in agape Student Care Centre

Ms diane

Preschool and   student care teacher

Bachelor degree in Elementary Education (University of the East)

9 years of teaching experience as a Preschool and English teacher


Undergraduate currently pursuing Bachelor degree in Psychology and Management

2 years of teaching experience in student care centres

ms LIN

Preschool and   student care teacher

Bachelor degree

major in Historiography


4 years of teaching experience  as a Chinese teacher

mdm Ngiam

Student care teacher

“O” level

12 years of teaching experience in student care centres