Agape Preschool Near Me: Child Care Review




Hear what our parents have to say about us! Witness on what they have to reveal about how Agape has given their child their best chance of a brighter future!

Mr. Gary Kwang, Father of Isaac (K2, Y2015)

“Thank you so much for the love and the passion your team has given to the kids. Without which,
Isaac might have had a different experience. My son just turned Primary 1 this year and he is aware of
how well he was prepared by Agape across all his subjects. His current teacher was very impressed
with his work as she constantly told us that he is a fast learner and that he has a very good foundation.

Isaac told me on a weekly basis that he missed his teachers and classmates in Agape a lot.
Interestingly, according to other parents, this sentiment was also echoed by every kid who were my son’s
classmates in P1. The aunties, the teachers and the students really loved each other in the definition of AGAPE.
I am sure that the link with Agape will help him remember the beautiful memories of his wonder years as he
grows up – which has been one of the most important ingredients that formed his core character as a decent person.

Kudos Agape!”

Mrs Ng, Mother of Gwyneth (K2, Y2006)

“Agape is our family’s top choice for our children. The first time I heard of Agape was through my eldest sister who sent her two sons to
Agape years ago.Subsequently, my second sister also sent her eldest son to Agape who went on to do well in Primary School.
I sent my daughter, Gwyneth, to Agape when she was about 2 ½ years old and she graduated from K2 in 2006.
Over the years, she has shown confidence, interacts well with her peers and is more vocal than her peers.
Besides academic and physical development, Agape also focus on social development
through emphasis on act of kindness, cleanliness, and truthfulness.”

Mr. Alan Wong, Father of Kimberly (K2, Y2005), Timothy (K1, Y2006), Joel (N2, Y2006)

During our 6-year engagement with Agape, we could tell that the teachers were dedicated and supportive in bringing out the potential of each of our
children – Kimberly, Timothy and Joel. In addition, the ad-hoc homework involving parents fostered strong bonding between our children and us
I used these working sessions to learn more about my children, their thinking and creativity. Agape’s curriculum is worth mentioning.
It was not till Kimberly attends her Primary education at De La Salle that we discovered her foundation at
Agape has adequately prepared her for the subsequent leap.


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