Infant & Toddler Programme

Overview of agape Infant & Toddler Core Programmes

Our infant and toddler programme builds around the three transdisciplinary themes. Through various hands-on discovery and exploratory activities, the children learn more about themselves, the people around them, and the relationships between them and the environment.

One of the most important elements of infant and toddler curriculum is play. In Agape Little Uni., we believe that children’s learning is accelerated through play, contributing to the development of a whole child. When play is intrinsically motivated, pleasurable and well-facilitated, children will grow to develop a positive self-concept. This quality enhances their confidence in overcoming challenges, solving problems and building meaningful relationships with others.

infant chart


Assessment is an integral part of AGAPE curriculum. In Agape Little Uni., we constantly evaluate and review our curriculum to ensure that our curriculum content and pedagogical practices remain reliable and relevant. The purpose of assessment is to celebrate children’s successes in learning and reaching a new milestone in life.

Assessment of children’s learning and development is an ongoing process throughout the year and is a collaborative effort between parents, teachers and children. Parents are encouraged to share their experiences with the teachers, coupled with teachers’ written observations, these information provide valuable insights of a child’s achievements. Through assessment, teachers will be able to identify the learning needs of young children; strategize ways to strengthen and develop their interests and talents.

Authentic Assessment Process

assessment chart